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Dabhand’s web design and development services have been available to Rotorua businesses since 2004. Now it’s bigger and better than ever!

Dabhand.co.nz offers experience, friendly help and a comprehensive service. Need I say more? Why not check out the site to see if we're what you are looking for.

(We are you know.)

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funky website

with friendly


The Team at Dabhand exceeded expectations with their innovative style. We very happily received what is a fresh and funky website which has had a stream of positive feedback; people actually enjoy reading it, in fact they love it!

It’s very important for us that people can understand in a concise way the work we do and why. The Dabhand team has cleverly articulated this in a way which illustrates those things but has also been careful to create a unique, quintessentially 'us' result.

Our new website was delivered with a consistently friendly and professional style from the first email to the final result and beyond.

Love working with you guys!

Leah Evans // ProjectKPH.co.nz